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Contour Club  Treatment Schedule

Thank you for purchasing from Contour Club! We are excited about your "Afters".  We have designed our treatment schedules to give you the BEST and fastest results.  Our layered treatment process requires commitment. Please read your treatment schedule and schedule your appointments according to the predesigned treatment schedule. The schedules are organized according to body part and starting measurements.  After your consultation, please take time to schedule your appointments, if they were not scheduled for you during the consultation. The treatment plan is laid out by week. Go ahead and plan your meals, and general life knowing you have a goal AND a plan to reach your GOAL!


Leg measurements  are between 19- 24 inches


measurement between 22"- 25.5"


measure between 23"- 26"

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Tropical Leaves

What People Say

I LOVE CONTOUR CLUB! It's always such a treat to go for sessions with Michelle. The results are immediate too. It's exciting to walk out feeling like I've lost weight and inches.

The sculpt pod is my new favorite treat. It's super relaxing and tightening. You will definitely want to try it when you go.

Lesa Wilson

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